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The English Language School

Characteristics of a graduate of "European" English Language Primary School

Characteristics of a graduate of  "European" English Language Primary School:

Teachers, pupils and their parents cooperate in order to make our graduates:

  • Get the best education results during every stage.
  • Seek knowledge themselves using critical thinking which is indispensable in the process of solving problems and making decisions.
  • Ask detailed questions, perform researches and observations and be ready to overcome challenges.
  • Become able to see their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Become people confident in their abilities but respecting human dignity and the world of nature.
  • Gain the ability of effective communication and expressing their thoughts and feelings.
  • Take care of their intellectual, physical, emotional, ethic and social development bearing in mind the fact that we are all responsible for the common weal, especially for people who need our help.
  • Think globally, act locally being engaged in the environment they live in.
  • Feel joy and passion form education throughout their lives.