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The English Language School


Individual meetings with teachers

Name of Teacher
Mrs Agnieszka Ryłkoevery 4th Friday of a month from 1:35- 2:20 PM
 Mrs Aleksandra Sporyś -Moczekevery 1st Monday of a month from 10:15-11:15 AM
Mrs Marta  Harat every 4th Monday of a month from 11:45-12.30
Mrs Paulina Śliwka every 4th Tuesday of a month from 11:45-12:30
Mrs Romana Matuszczyk every 4th Wednesday of a month from 08:00-08:30 AM
Mrs Martyna Kaletkaevery 3rd Wednesday of a month from12:45-13:30 PM
Mrs Adriana Sawa every 1st Tuesday of a month from 1:35-2:20 PM
Mrs Agnieszka Lewandowska every 1st Thursday of a month from 4:15-05:00 PM