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The English Language School

Enrolment policy

Documents required:

1. Application form filled in. A child can be enrolled by filling in the Application Form which is available on the School's website (Enrolment/ download documents) and bringing it to the School.

2. The original of a report card from the previous grade- it concerns pupils from grades II-VI.

3. Two photographs

4. "Bilans sześciolatka " a document from doctor's surgery (for grade I only)

5. Information from the kindergarten if the child is ready to start education in a primary school.

Entry fee must be paid in order to accept the application of a pupil in the English Language Primary School. The fee is 600 zl, it is obligatory and paid once. It must be paid within 7 days after bringing the Application Form to the School. Lack of entry fee paid within this time equals resignation from learning in the School. Please, transfer the fee to the School's bank account and title it: "entry fee for (pupil's name and surname)".

Name of the bank and number of the bank account: MBank 65 1140 2004 0000 3502 7559 1759