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The English Language School

The goals and mission of the School

"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as hard duty." 

Albert Einstein

The goal of our school is to create educational environment that stimulates development of a child, teaches them systematic and persistent work, overcoming their limitations and guarantees high pedagogical competence. We appreciate individuality of each child respecting at the same time the needs of the whole group.

We care about good atmosphere which enhances comprehensive development. The goal of the school should be the best education results in every stage, making pupils feel joy and passion form education. We want our pupils to have a good moral system, be emphatic, tolerant and amenable to the world. The School triggers from pupils the potential for seeking knowledge themselves and the potential of critical thinking.

The mission of the School:

The mission of  "European" English Language Primary School in Bielsko-Biała is widening pupils' possibilities by developing their creativity, ability to solve problems and communicate. We encourage our pupils to become independent and auto reflexive people who learn constantly and take risks. Our main goal is educating emphatic and responsible citizens who are ready to face challenges of the changing world.

We educate citizens of the world.