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The English Language School


General information

"European" English Language Primary School is open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We politely request every pupil to be present at school by 8:10 in the morning since lessons start at 8:15.

Please inform the School if the child is going to be absent or is sick.

Pupils can be taken from School only by their parents/ legal guardians and authorised persons. The authorisation must be written, it can be permanent or onetime. The authorisation can be downloaded from the website/ enrolment/ download documents or at the School.

All the extra classes start in the second week of October and finish in the second week of June of each school year.

Participation of a child in extra classes must be reported on a special form- can be downloaded from the website/ recruitment/ download documents.

Please bring a charged iPad to School. iPads for our pupils and teachers are bought, financed and insured by the School.

The School has 8 classrooms. Each class consists of 15-17 pupils what makes it easier to observe each child individually and help them develop their talents. What is more, in case of problems, it gives us opportunities to notice problems early and eliminate them easily.


To provide pupils with better concentration, state of mind and to unwind, they take an hour break at midday every day.

During the recreational break pupils have lunch or a snap and then they go:

  •  for a walk
  • To the School garden
  • To the playground in the English Language Kindergarten "Mały Europejczyk ", 22 Św. Anny Street (5 mins walk from the School)

If the weather is bad, pupils can go to the gym or the after care room.

Movement for children is very important. The ability to gain good results in education depends on their psychomotor development. Lack of enough movement can result in emotional problems, weaker concentration or coordination which are the crucial elements influencing the process of learning. Thanks to movement every day, the brain is capable of learning more and focuses better. The brain gets enough oxygen and it works more efficiently.