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The English Language School

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Our school is located at 3 Rejtana street in Bielsko- Biała. One of its advantages is the localisation (town centre), you can easily get here from every part of the town. There is a big car park in front of the school and a few bus stops near here, too. The building is monitored all the time and very safe. Workers of the school have contact with every person entering the building.

It is one of the most modern schools in Bielsko- Biała. The building is 1100 square meters big.

There are modern and save classrooms: multimedia classrooms, gym, after care room and canteen. The classrooms are unique thanks to their colours and equipment. They are all situated on one floor, each of them about 44 square meters big.

The gym is also very well equipped with eg. sets for basketball, volleyball, football, etc. There is a garden in front of the building. We also use the beautiful garden of our kindergarten "Mały Europejczyk" at 22 Św. Anny street. The garden is 1000 square meters big with a large playground.